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marți, 31 mai 2011

First Lesson
Or Michelangelo`s fall in the knees

Oh ... 
Your shoulder 
Like a sweet smell ... 

Starting between
like a shadow 
In another kind 
of floating ... 

I say: 
One and a Two 
Different from
one ... 

To your bones 
what so embrace 
the meat inside ... 

Your alabaster
which gently caressing 
Touch the rain ... 

I say: 
A bird is 
Before Heaven, 
from air ... 

To all colors 
Of the world 
Foreign carved 
In the window 
Of your eyes ... 

And especially 
The last word 
In our silence ... 

I say: 
This is a completely 
and totally 
a different story ... 

Another before us 
like another desert 
From other kind of 
sand ... 

Loneliness is sound 
comfort us from voices
and air ...

luni, 30 mai 2011

the second

a. ..

you see?

I taste water humerus
and clavicle eyes?

I smell like flowers
in the garden
of the former grandparents?

comforted by hearing
his speech centers ....

well, and he will notice ...

sense of growth
and the consolations

of being bitter ...



long horizon ...
seriously as a sound,
stepping down as ...

dark and wet
as a snake skin ...

as a cry,
a harsh smell pain
as a tear ...

expect to wander,

to be remembered longer.

Other than
the road can not be
any ...

only stones,
only stones ...

away moving,
could we just say
it wild feasts
in gray horizon.

vineri, 27 mai 2011

Ah, but I am cold,
Squeeze me in your arms,
Not to be alone ...

With this terrible
Which burns me ...

I can not think
Of anything else ...

Going captive
In a smile ...

But so well ...
So almost near me
No one can be ...

Your skin
smelling of dates ...

Your lips
Biting my speech,
So hardly
And near
Anyone can be.

Where is my glory,
from the old beauty? ...

In one day
long gone away ,
you`ll ask me
where is my name, "the most beautiful,between
the floating waters"?...

I`ll hold you
by the hand
at every sunset,
with every sunrise
I`ll kiss your lips:
"you the most beautiful
of wings to fly
in me."

I second by second
care you through
the desert of my being,
with every sunrise
for every amazing sunset,
you,"the most beautiful,between
the floating waters".

from the white marble
under the floating
of one Praxiteles ...

becoming frozen
by the blue seconds
of becoming...

I am offensive
to a kiss ...

the former embracing
the sunset
with the endless
string of bodies
along the marathon ...

the latter figure
keeping in view
your silhouette
sweet impression.