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marți, 2 noiembrie 2010

waiting the blossom of our wings...



like a horse,away runing
till the crazy sea,
like a cupid snake
quitly embrassing
your lighting,softly dream...

till the flashing kiss
of reality...

you have a face from dawn
you eyes are two lonely,
secret and frozen stars,
your name i`ll already knew
the bitter-sweet sound
of a pure water joy
kissing the desert of my soul
ia a world so far and dreamed
of feel...

i could not remember
the softly-tender sound
of the march-rain,
i could not feel
the gentle feeling-warm
of that golden,magic rising
in your deep-vivid eyes,
the silky touch of green grass
or sweet crouch of thunder...
i realy could not remeber,

who am i?...

you had a smell of immortality,
she whispering to me,
and the pure,imaculate marble
of my skin is a dream...
you smell like a strange wondering,
your taste is a virgin and bizzar amasing,
sadly,she said to me...
just kiss my burning lips
whith silent and fulgurant thrill...

waiting the blossom of our wings...

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